Let’s be real, Bumblebee is the best part of the Transformers series, especially by the fifth movie.

Before the world is graced with yet another Transformers sequel, Bumblebee will shine in his own prequel movie by Paramount Pictures. The film is set to release later this year, featuring Hailee Steinfeld as Charlie Watson. Set in 1987, Bumblebee takes place in a small California beach town, where Charlie (who is struggling to find her place in this big, confusing world) stumbles upon our sweet lil’ alien in a junkyard. But when she revives the beat-up VW bug, she is thrust into a whole new world.

The biggest draw to the movie is its 1987 setting, which may be enough, paired with the focus on Bumblebee, to get old fans interested in the franchise again. With a series this long-winded, it’s easy for interest to fizzle out, especially when a good portion of the OG cast isn’t involved anymore.

Check out the teaser trailer to see more of what’s in store for Bumblebee.