Source: Funko Games

Funko Games is continuing its pop culture-inspired board game offerings with two new titles, as announced yesterday.

First up is The Warriors Come Out to Play, which is inspired by The Warriors (1979). In this cooperative survival game, 2-4 players take on the role of the Warriors, who have been falsely accused of murdering the leader of the Gramercy Riffs’ gang. You must work together to avoid rival gangs, make it back to your home turf of Coney Island, and prove that you’ve been framed. The game features art inspired by ’70s New York and comes with seven miniatures that represent the leaders of the most recognizable gangs. This game is available to preorder now but will officially debut on Feb. 4.

The other big reveal from Funko Games is an untitled Jurassic World Legacy game. There aren’t a ton of details available about this game yet, but the company did drop an announcement trailer, revealing that the game will be out next summer! Board game fanatics can sign up for the Funko Games newsletter to get additional updates about the game. Both this and the The Warriors game come from board game design company Prospero Hall.

These updates came at the start of Gen Con, this weekend’s convention for all things tabletop gaming. The convention is taking place both online and in person, and gamers can head to to get information and tune in for the online component.