J.J. Abrams’ next big flick, Overlord, is a World War II alternate reality film, where Nazi soldiers use the supernatural elements to illicit horrific experiments. Watch at your own risk:

Did you survive? Did your heart rate instantly accelerate? Did you hands get clammy? ARE YOU OK?

In case you chickened out and didn’t watch the clip, the film is basically World War II meets The Walking Dead. So yeah, if that is any indication of the massive amounts of gruesome battles and graphic scenes that will be featured in this film, you can bet my eyes will be closed most of the time.

That said, by the looks of the trailer, it’s shaping up to be an epic war movie that action-adventure seekers will love. The film marks Abrams’ production company’s first R-rated movie and will hit theaters on Nov. 9.

See you there and don’t forget to BYOB (Bring Your Own Blanket so that you cover your eyes).