Source: TreImage

You might say that Ja Rule is “Always on Time,” and now, apparently, it’s time for him to make some licensed merch!

Starting a new phase of his career, Hip-Hop artist Jeffrey “Ja Rule” Atkins joined the roster at marketing and licensing agency Trelmage, which specializes in the development of brand expansion programs for urban artists and brands. As Ja Rule’s licensing and branding agent, Trelmage will expand his reach by brokering deals with manufacturers to create Ja Rule merchandise.

The deal was just announced today, so that means it might take a little while before any of this merch hits shelves (You’ll survive the wait — Pain Is Love!). But there is a lot of potential, as this partnership covers a wide array of product categories, such as fashion, accessories, collectible figures, musical instruments, electronics, and consumables — including cereal and snacks. So yes, someday soon you could be wearing a Ja Rule T-shirt eating Ja Rule cereal while shopping online for some Ja Rule action figures! The possibilities are endless.

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