Source: Pillsbury/the Pop Insider

We’ve reached the peak cookie season of the calendar year, when — thanks to holiday parties, homemade gifting, and preparing for a certain jolly fellow to deliver gifts — baked goods are almost never in short supply.

This year, however, a certain ’90s icon is joining in on the holiday cookie magic. Pillsbury is launching a limited-edition Lisa Frank Unicorn Shape Sugar Cookie Dough, expanding its popular collection of themed sugar cookies (You know, those pre-cut round ones with an image in the center that are a staple of any cookie exchange or festive potluck).

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The Lisa Frank cookies feature a pink unicorn silhouette that fills most of the cookie, surrounded by three blue stars. Each pack comes with 20 unbaked cookies inside a box that’s decorated with Frank’s signature design aesthetic. For the record, the dough is also safe to eat raw!

The limited-edition cookie dough will be available at retailers nationwide for a limited time, starting later this month. Each pack will cost about $2.67 and will definitely bring some color, fun, and nostalgia to any kitchen.