Tonowari rides Skimwing in this Avatar 2-inspired collectible. | Source: McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys is bringing the magic of Pandora home ahead of Avatar: The Way of Water, the long-awaited sequel to James Cameron’s Avatar.

After releasing a variety of action figures and other collectibles inspired by the original movie earlier this month, McFarlane Toys has released a wide selection of new products specifically for The Way of Water. The new collectibles, which are available to preorder now, include items in two scales.

To start, there are a variety of new figures in the larger, 7-inch-scale Avatar Collector Action Figures series. These include action figures of Tonowari (the Olo’eyktan of the Metkayina Clan), Jake Sully in his full battle gear, and Neytiri. All three of these figures cost $24.99 and are fully articulated, come with accessories, and feature blacklight-activated bioluminescent accents.

Other collectibles in this scale include a Megafig of the CET-OPS Crabsuit ($39.99) and a large, detailed Skimwing ($49.99) that the 7-inch Na’vi figures can ride. This creature is similar to the Banshee, but is actually a large, flying fish. The figure comes with a display stand, is articulated, and also features blacklight-activated bioluminescent accents.

There are also a variety of new products for the World of Pandora line, which features dioramas and sets that depict the landscape and creatures of Pandora with 1.5-2.5-inch figures. There is an expansive collection of Way of Water products in this line, starting with Yellow, Purple, and Seafoam Banshees for $9.99 each.

Then there are three sets at the $14.99 price point: Neteyam (Jake and Neytiri’s son) with Ilu, an Amp Suit with RDA Driver, and the CET-OPS Crabsuit. For $19.99, fans can add some of the larger Pandora creatures and RDA vehicles to their display. These include Banshee Rider Neytiri, Jake Sully with Skimwing, the RDA Seawasp, and Tonowari with Skimwing (pictured top).

Finally, there is a large Metkayina Reef with Tonowari and Ronal set in the World of Pandora collection. This set costs $39.99 and recreates the marine habitat of Pandora. Specifically inspired by The Way of Water, the set is ideal for recreating moments from the new movie. All of the figures in this smaller-scale line may be tiny, but they — and the creatures — are all articulated. Many of the items in this collection also feature blacklight-activated effects.

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The final item in McFarlane Toys’ new Avatar offerings is an R/C Akula. It is made to swim through the water, just like a real shark.

All of these items are available to preorder starting today, Oct. 18, at the links below. The products all come in movie-branded packaging and are scheduled to ship in December. Avatar: The Way of Water will be in theaters on Dec. 16.