Source: Mezco Toyz

Holy collectibles, Batman! Mezco Toyz just released a Batman (1966) Deluxe Boxed Set in its 5 Points collection, and it comes packed with figures, accessories, and more.

Source: Mezco Toyz

Seriously, there is so much in this set. We’re talking:

  • Seven articulated figures (Batman, Robin, Alfred, Catwoman, The Joker, The Penguin, and The Riddler)
  • A Batmobile that Batman and Robin can really sit in, packed with gadgets including a retractable buzz saw that’s activated by a button on the windshield
  • A Batcave/Wayne Manor diorama fans can use to display the figures
  • Accessories and a swappable head for each figure

All of these items, as the name implies, are inspired by the Batman live-action TV series that ran from 1966-1968.

This full set is available to preorder now from for $140. It is scheduled to ship between February and April of next year.