Source: The Nacelle Co./The Pop Insider

The Sectaurs resurgence continues!

The Pop Insider and The Toy Book can exclusively reveal that plans are underway for a second wave of Sectaurs action figures from The Nacelle Co. The news is being delivered to a live audience this morning at a panel during New York Comic Con (NYCC) in which the company is also unwrapping plans for A Toy Store Near You Season 5.

“The overwhelming response to our first wave of Sectaurs really forced our hand to kick the second wave into gear much sooner than we planned to,” explains Nacelle Co. Founder and CEO Brian Volk-Weiss. “As long as wave two does as well as wave one has, we’ll see Dragonflyer, Trancula, Spiderflyer, and some other insect puppets in future waves.”

Sectaurs Wave 2 is set to include Bandor, a previously unreleased figure from the original Sectaurs line. He’s been described as “a slimy thief who is trusted by no one — not even his evil cohorts from the Dark Domain. Savage, unpredictable, and opportunistic, Bandor may align himself with the Dark Domain, but his true loyalty lies only with himself.”

Source: The Nacelle Co.

The wave will also include General Spidrax, the hideous leader of the Dark Domain’s armies. The Nacelle Co. says “Armed with a whip coated in lethal poison, Slazor, Skall shield, net, and twin Venguns, General Spidrax presents a serious problem to the Shining Realm in the battle for Symbion. Unlike most Sectaurs, General Spidrax enslaved his animal companion, Spider-Flyer, rather than form a bond with it.”

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Created under license from Seven Towns, the relaunched Sectaurs action figure line honors the original collection from the 1980s by pairing vintage-inspired sculpts with modern articulation. The first two figures, the 7-inch Dargon and 6-inch Stelara can be preordered now at To create the new figures, The Nacelle Co. is using scans from original 1980s prototypes.

Over the past few years, The Nacelle Co. has been on a roll, growing from a producer of entertainment content like The Toys That Made Us, The Movies That Made Us, and A Toy Store Near You into a diversified company with interests in documentary filmmaking, comedy, podcasting, publishing, merch, and collectibles.

The company’s Robo Force and Legends of Laughter lines are also available to order now.