A flannel and long-sleeve T-Shirt from the Neopets x Cakeworthy Collab | Source: Cakeworthy/ the Pop Insider

Bring a little bit of Neotopia into your wardrobe with a new collection from Cakeworthy.

While you probably don’t want to think about the status of your Neopets’ health, the collection brings back all of the colorful memories — and reminds you that you should probably log on. The nostalgic apparel line features tees, a sweater, a dress, a onesie, accessories, and, of course, a flannel.

The flannel and tote both feature a quote that makes me want to cry a little bit: “Your Neopets are Dying.” It’s the kind of fact that you remember randomly — and now you can dutifully remind others. The long-sleeve T-shirt is a bit more optimistic, with “remember to feed your Neopets” on the back and “your Neopets are still alive” along the sleeve.

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Each of the items in the line features Neopets such as Kacheek, JubJub, and Grundo. You can add a pop of Faerie magic to your outfit with the Neopets Faerie AOP T-Shirt or get cozy head-to-toe with the onesie. It’s inspired by the logo (read: bright yellow) and what we imagine it’s like to cuddle up in pure nostalgia. 

Your Neopets may be dying, but your love for them never will. Shop the new collection now.