As if it’s not scary enough coming across an ill-intentioned spider in your room…

Creepy Crawlers—the toys that let you create bugs from different molds—are coming to the big screen. Paramount Players bought the feature film rights for Creepy Crawlers from Jakks Pacific to make a creeptastic movie. No specific plot details were announced, but given that the nature of the toy, we’re hoping it will likely involve the creatures coming to life when the toy is used. Unlike Jumanji, the toy exists prior to the creation of the film so it will be interesting to see how the movie impacts sales.

Jakks Pacific CEO Stephen Berman is on board as executive producer, alongside producers Neal H. Mortiz and Marc Gurvitz.

The Creepy Crawlers toy was originally owned by Mattel in the ’60s. When Jakks Pacific took over the brand, the company added different molds such as SpongeBob, in order to market to people with a slew of bug-related phobias, in addition to catering to the ooey gooey lovin’ crowd. The decision to adapt Creepy Crawlers into a movie comes at a great time in order to capitalize on the similar kids’ horror market that was revived by the 2015 reboot of Goosebumps and its 2019 sequel, Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween (both of which were also produced by Mortiz).

h/t Variety