These BLEACH sweatshirts will make you feel drop-dead cool. | Source: Atsuko

Anyone who’s into anime will want to flock to Atsuko’s booth at New York Comic Con (NYCC) this year. At the show, the brand will showcase three new apparel collections themed around One Piece, Naruto, and BLEACH — a must-have for anime fans with a modern fashion sense. 

Fans will feel (and look) drop-dead cool wearing the BLEACH collection, which includes purple-and-black sweatshirts that look like they’re wrapped in chains and feature the show’s logo and main character, Ichigo Kurosaki. They will keep you warm while looking ready to fight some Hollows. The collection also has splattered paint T-shirts and Soul Society pants. 

Feel like one of the Straw Hat Pirates alongside a fellow fan in Atsuko’s matching One Piece ensembles. The men’s set includes red cargo pants and a black sweatshirt with yellow-and-red sleeves and gold patterning. The women’s ensemble has a similar sweatshirt with red sleeves and silver patterning, plus pants with the same patterns. Atsuko also released a One Piece collaboration with Toei Animation last year at NYCC.

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The Naruto collection is a more overt homage to the anime that inspired it, compared to the other two collections. The pieces feature eye-popping outlines of fan-favorite characters, shirts with frames from the show, and even a pair of black leggings with a rainbow print and the Hidden Leaf Village symbol. 

You can get your hands on these collections and more at Atsuko’s storefront-styled booth (No. 1125) at NYCC from Oct. 6-9. While you’re there, you can check out Atsuko’s other merchandise, take part in branded photo ops, win giveaways, and more!