Source: Stern Pinball/The Pop Insider

Do you think you could go head-to-head with Shredder and the Krang? Maybe not in a Ninjutsu battle, but perhaps with your pinball prowess. Stern Pinball just released a line of pinball machines inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and they are packed with homages to everyone’s favorite pizza-loving, crime-fighting turtle crew.

Stern’s TMNT line includes three machines: Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition. Each version has slightly different features, but all three have bright colors, hand-drawn art, and familiar characters that TMNT fans know and love. Some shared features across all three models include a spinning pizza disk that can hold and throw three balls during pizza multiball mayhem, the original 1987 theme music, and custom flippers. To get into the nitty-gritty differences between the three machines, check out this comparison chart from Stern.

Source: Stern Pinball

The price tag for these machines is not chump change: the Pro costs $6,099, the premium costs $7,699, and the Limited Edition — with only 500 units globally — costs $9,099. If this is a bit out of your at-home arcade price range, the company keeps a helpful map on its site to show local arcades fans can visit to play Stern Pinball machines.

To see the games in action, check out the trailer below and visit for even more info!