U.S.S. Enterprise die-cast prototype | Source: TOMY

The U.S.S. Enterprise is beaming into the crowdfunding galaxy.

TOMY International and Paramount are partnering to produce a variety of crowd-funded Star Trek products across several collector categories. The first in the line of projects? A large-scale Star Trek NCC-1701 U.S.S. Enterprise.

U.S.S. Enterprise die-cast closeup | Source: TOM

The 1:350-scale premium die-cast U.S.S. Enterprise is based on the 11-foot starship from the original 1960s series, which is currently exhibited at the Smithsonian Institute. Gary Kerr, who consulted on the 2016 Smithsonian restoration project, worked with TOMY designers to develop a model with extraordinary attention to detail. 

Separated saucer and hull die-cast pieces | Source: TOMY

Weighing in at almost 20 pounds, the 32-inch die-cast features more than 70 LED lights to replicate the special effects seen in the series, including flashing formation lights and an illuminated hangar bay. For the first time, fans can also separate the saucer section from the secondary hull and display each piece separately with the included bases.

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Fans can register here to fund the project and secure their own U.S.S. Enterprise for a minimum of $599. Production will begin in the fall if the project goal of 5,000 pieces is met before July 11. If the project is fully funded, starships are expected to ship in the summer of next year. Check out the preview video below!