Photo: Windsor Star

We must have missed Trevor Noah in the two-hour Marvel masterpiece that was Black Panther.

During Noah’s Late Show appearance, the Daily Show host claimed he had a major role in the film that nobody knows about. He said, “I was involved at a high level. I don’t like to brag about it this… I was in Black Panther, the smash hit.” But where, though?

In an obviously playful manner, Noah claims that he was approached to be the star of the film, but of course, he had the Daily Show to film so it had to go to Chadwick Boseman. You’ve got jokes, son.

It was then decided that Noah will be the voice of the computer that runs everything for the Daily Show. He said, “A lot of people think I just did the lines there, but I’m everything. I’m the ship as well. They got me in to play the ship.” Cue a spaceship reenactment, if you can call it that.