Source: Studio71 Games/the Pop Insider

Get ready to add the Hargreeves siblings to your game nights because The Umbrella Academy is getting its own battling card game.

A collaboration between Dark Horse Comics and Studio71 Games, this cooperative game features all seven members of the crime-fighting fam. Players choose to battle as Five, Séance, Space Boy, The Rumor, The Horror, The Kraken, or Vanya and take on villains including Carmichael, Dr. Terminal, and Hazel and Cha Cha.

The characters’ special abilities influence gameplay, giving players different strategies to use during the game.

While the game is generally cooperative, it wouldn’t be the Umbrella Academy without some family drama! Throughout the game, “Dysfunctional Family” cards will invoke fights between the family and other general forms of chaos that might weaken the siblings’ point totals.

Check out this teaser video for an overview of gameplay!

The card game is specifically based on the graphic novel series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, but those who know The Umbrella Academy from the Netflix series (July 31 needs to come faster!) will still connect with the game.

The game is officially launching soon as a Kickstarter campaign, but fans can sign up now at for email alerts about the release. Sign up now, and you’ll get a special Number Five hero card printed on metallic paper, which won’t be included in the game’s retail version!