The Goonies Mini Tiki Muglet 2-Pack and the Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor 20-ounce Geeki Tiki | Source: Toynk/the Pop Insider

As part of this year’s New York Comic Con (NYCC), Toynk and Beeline Creative are giving Doctor Who and The Goonies fans a chance to snag new character-inspired, collectible drinkware! The two companies are teaming up yet again for a new line of Geeki Tikis mugs, this time featuring the science-fiction phenomenon Doctor Who and the classic ‘80s film The Goonies.

These new Geeki Tikis mugs pay tribute to some beloved characters and, as with all Geeki Tikis products, the mugs’ designs are infused with traditional tiki motifs, combined with themes from the pop culture favorites.

The Goonies Mini Tiki Muglet 4-Pack | Source: Toynk

First up is a The Gooniesinspired mini muglet set that includes four mugs with vibrant blue, red, green, and gray colors in the shape of Mikey, Data, Chunk, and Mouth. Along with the four-pack of adventure-seeking misfits, fans can also purchase a set of muglets modeled after Mama Fratelli and Sloth. All of these muglets can hold 2-3 ounces of your morning coffee or a shot of your alcoholic beverage of choice.

The Goonies One-Eyed Willy 20-ounce Geeki Tiki Ceramic Mug | Source: Toynk/the Pop Insider

There is also a new, full-sized One-Eyed Willy Geeki Tiki mug in this drop, with his “Never Say Die” pirate emblem on the back, under the sandstone glaze of the mug.

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For Doctor Who fans who have no time to waste, there is a Doctor Who Tardis Geeki Tikis mug that’s modeled after the iconic time machine from the series, with its blue police box styling. The massive mug holds up to 42 ounces of liquid and is top-shelf dishwasher and microwave safe for when you need to heat up your beverage in a rush. The Doctor Who line also includes a mug featuring the bio-engineered mutant Dalek in a bright, yellow-gold paint and a 20-ounce mug modeled after the Eleventh Doctor. Finally, the Doctor’s best robotic K-9 companion gets his own ceramic mug, featuring his signature collar, ears, and light-up eyes.

The Doctor Who K-9 5-ounce Geeki Tiki and the Doctor Who Tardis 42-ounce Geeki Tiki | Source: Toynk/the Pop Insider

All of these mugs will be on display from Oct. 7-10 at NYCC. Fans can purchase the The Goonies mugs at the show and preorder all of these mugs now at

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