Good news! Ocean’s 8 and Hereditary [two movies I saw this weekend with my #amazing MoviePass], killed it in box office sales. This confirms that I have good taste and you should always listen to me.

Ocean’s 8, the first woman-led reboot of the Ocean’s franchise, came in first, surpassing analysts’ predictions of $35 million with $41.5 million, according to figures from measurement firm ComScore. It was the best opening for any of the films in the franchise, beating the previous leader, 2004’s Ocean’s Twelve which posted $39.1 million in its opening weekend. That’s what happens when you put eight badass ladiezzzz in one film. They ? killed ? it ?! And you can read our full review of this MET Gala jewelry heist right here.

In second place was Solo: A Star Wars Story, adding $15.1 million in ticket sales for a cumulative $176.1 million. Deadpool 2 came in third, adding $13.6 million for a cumulative $278.6 million. Good sh*t.

And in fourth, was A24’s psychological horror film Hereditary with $13 million, far above analysts’ predictions of $5 million to $9 million. This was the biggest opening ever for the studio, as well as its widest release to date. This movie garnered divided reviews, yet still received a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and a thumbs up from me (if you’re into psychological thrillers that will make you question everything you’ve ever known).

h/t LA Times 

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