Figures from every franchise! | Source: Super Impulse

Hasbro Potato Heads are getting even more character combinations!

Super Impulse, the company behind the World’s Smallest brand, is releasing a second wave of Poptaters. We already told you about this new series of figures that takes the well-known Hasbro Potato Head and mashes it together with pop culture favorites. Now, five new figures are joining the collection.

Whether you love horror movies or comedy TV, there’s a Potato Head with your name on it. | Source: Super Impulse

The newest figures include Dwight Schrute from The Office, “The Dude” from The Big Lebowski, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Also coming soon in the new wave are Chucky from the Child’s Play horror film franchise and a number of Good Luck Trolls. 

The new Poptaters join the original release that included four Potato Heads — musician Gene Simmons of KISS, Optimus Prime from Transformers, The Joy of Painting host Bob Ross, and Garbage Pail Kid Adam Bomb. Whatever your favorite character, there’ll be a cosplaying spud for you! If that wasn’t enough, even more Poptater characters are expected to release at Comic-Con International: San Diego this year.

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If you’re a Potato Head superfan and have been waiting for the day you can get the iconic spud in cosplay, this is your chance. The new wave of figures will be available on Amazon as well as in-person retailers for $14.99-17.99. Each Poptater figure includes a 4-inch Potato Head body with interchangeable parts and packaging made for collector displays.

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