The LEGO recreation of the Fab 5 loft | Source: LEGO

It’s been three years, five seasons, and dozens of changed lives since the “Fab 5” first graced our Netflix screens in the most wholesome and uplifting reality show possibly ever: Queer Eye.

In the years since, the series has inspired ice cream, a book, and other merch featuring the aforementioned Fab 5 (Bobby Berk, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, and Jonathan Van Ness), but now the show is getting the ultimate honor: A LEGO makeover.

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After teasing the collaboration on social media yesterday, the LEGO Group has shared images and information about the officially licensed LEGO Fab 5 Loft set, which recreates the apartment that serves as the group’s home base on the show — specifically from seasons 1 and 2.

The set, designed for adult builders, features 974 pieces and has a TON of great details, down to the “Style, Taste, Class” sign and a TV showing LEGO versions of the Fab 5 with the Queer Eye logo.

The LEGO versions of the Fab 5 | Source: LEGO

Speaking of LEGO versions of the Fab 5, the mini-figures are the best part of this set! Of course, all members of the core five are recreated as LEGO characters, with a fabulous result. (Fun fact, they had to make a whole new hair piece for Tan! Sadly, though, there are no French tucks for LEGO figures.)

In addition to the Fab 5, there is an adorable figure of fan-favorite Bruley the dog, and both “before” and “after” figures of Kathi Dooley, one of the show’s most memorable makeovers. Dooley, who appeared in the show’s fourth season, was Jonathan Van Ness’ high school music teacher, and her episode highlighted the importance of supportive adults in kids’ lives. This LEGO set also features a spinning “reveal chamber,” to recreate the reveal of Dooley’s makeover.

This set will be available from starting on Oct. 1 for $99.99. It is the latest in an unofficial series of iconic pop-culture apartments to get the LEGO treatment, following the Friends and Seinfeld apartment sets, which both debuted earlier this year.

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