The collection features shoes modeled after the Pink, Black, Red, Yellow, and Blue Power Rangers. | Source: Reebok.

Reebok is channeling everyone’s ‘90s nostalgia: The shoe company has partnered with Hasbro to release a line of Power Rangers shoes inspired by the original series, and we can’t wait to represent our favorite Rangers in style.

The footwear is inspired by the Rangers themselves, with design choices to match their different abilities. Each pair morphs into Reebok’s existing models, including the Zig Kinetica II, the Nano X1, the Club C Legacy, the Freestyle Hi, and the Club C. All five of the ranger-inspired shoes feature the golden Power Rangers emblem on the tongue, a Power Rangers bolt, and materials inspired by the characters’ metallic Zords. An epic sixth shoe in the collection, in the Question Mid style, packs all the special features of the Rangers into one shoe — the Megazord.

The Zig Kinetica II Red Ranger shoes ($140) are all about athleticism. This bright red shoe stands out just like the powerful personality of the Red Ranger. The toe box is designed to look like Tyrannosaurus Zord teeth with silver Zord accents along the midsole.

Like the stealth of the black ranger? The Nano X1 Black Ranger pair ($150) is for you. This shoe is all about versatility, agility, and speed, all while looking sleek and polished. The heel tab references the Black Ranger’s signature style, giving it that ‘90s flair.

This shoe is based on the Black Power Ranger. | Source: Reebok.

The power in the Club C Blue Ranger shoes ($120) is found within, just like the Ranger it’s based on. The outside of the blue sneaker includes a white collar and heel blocking to resemble the design of the Triceratops Zord’s crown. But don’t forget to peek inside: It has a special, translucent sole.

Girls will rule in the Freestyle Hi Pink Ranger shoes ($120), which are mostly white but have two key features. First, a sleek, pink stripe runs down the front of the shoe to resemble the Pterodactyl Zord. The second, more subtle design element is hidden inside the straps. There, fans will find a broken emerald heart, paying tribute to the separation and heartbreak between the Pink and Green Power Rangers.

If versatility and flexibility are what you look for, you’ll find it in the Club C Yellow Ranger pair ($100). In addition to the Zord markings, this sneaker has a deeper meaning to it. Fans can find a wing logo on the back of the tongue as a tribute to Yellow Ranger actress Thuy Trang.

The Power Rangers’ abilities join forces in the Megazord-inspired sneaker. | Source: Reebok.

Can’t choose just one Ranger? You don’t have to! Take on the powerful form of the whole team with the Question Mid Megazord ($180). A range of markings on the shoe represent the Zord, including a black-and-yellow logo on the tongue to resemble Zord eyes, V-printed eyelets that emulate Zord teeth, and a question mark on the right toe with an M for Megazord.

Collectors, take a note: Reebok has a special surprise in store which may be worthy of your collection. All six adult models are packaged in shoeboxes designed to resemble different elements of the Megazord. Fans can assemble them to create a limited-edition Megazord figure, akin to the television show model.

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While all of these sneakers were designed as a blast to the ‘90s past, the collection is made for everyone. Some of these designs also come in grade school and preschool sizing, so little Power Rangers fans can feel the power of the crew.

Prepare to morph on June 29, when these shoes will be available on starting at 10 a.m. ET. The Megazord shoe is an online exclusive, but the ranger-specific will also be available on-shelf at select retailers.

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