Fans of all things tabletop roleplaying might remember the original Bag of Holding from lifestyle and collectibles brand Rollacrit. Now, the bag is back and better than ever with a new design to keep things lasting longer!

The new and improved Rollacrit Messenger Bag of Holding is bigger, more customizable, and better able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. It’s also specifically designed to match the TSA’s requirements for a carry-on, so you can take the bag anywhere you go. The new bag is live on Kickstarter now, and it will be available to back until Oct. 4. Though the campaign started just last Tuesday, it’s already fully funded and shooting past its stretch goals.

Stretch goals for the bag include different straps (including a Gelatinous Cube design), a Lined Tech Pouch for your phone and other tech goods, dice sets that are sure to impress at the next game night, zipper charms with a variety of designs, and more. Stretch goal items are all add-on purchases, giving backers more options to customize their bags.

The Kickstarter has a Base Tier that gets you the bag for $125, but if you want a Velcro Merit Strap, a Zipper Charm Set, a Kickstarter Exclusive Velcro Merit Badge, and a Sharp Edge Resin Dice Set all conveniently bundled, you’ll need to upgrade to the Adventurer’s Tier for $185.

The Bag of Holding includes seven sections, a backpack function, and a pouch for rain protection. Have an easy place to carry your water bottle, your next campaign map, all your adventure books, and more! Join as a backer now on the official Kickstarter page.

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