Justice League

Justice League was released exactly two years ago today, and DC Universe fans are still upset over the final cuts of the film, according to Deadline.

Tweets from Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Ben Affleck (Batman) are among the 750,000 over the last two days with the hashtag #ReleaseTheSnyderCut in reference to the original director’s edits — which fans believe is the better version.

In 2017, Zack Snyder left the film because of a family tragedy. Joss Whedon took over to finish with reshoots and post-production, but people say Justice League became much different from Snyder’s original vision. Snyder himself spoke out last October and said the released version of the film’s ending was much different than he intended. Many believe it would have set up a larger arc and introduced a new villain.

Snyder’s cut has been rumored to be anything from a fully finished film to just a storyboard. Earlier this year, director Kevin Smith confirmed that another version exists. He tells CinemaBlend, “There IS a Snyder cut. For sure. That’s not a mythical beast. It exists. Now, it’s not a finished movie by any stretch of the imagination.”

Finished or not, everyone wants to see it. Here’s what cosplayers, those involved with the film, and fans have to say!




Henry Cavill, the actor who plays Superman, has not spoken out yet, but the words to remember come from his character: “Hope is easy to lose but always close by.” We’ll see soon if these tweets save the day.

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