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Boring outerwear is a thing of the past, and thankfully, these comic book-themed coats are helping the cause.

Online retailer’s Fun Wear clothing line incorporates comic book characters into everyday fashion. The Fun Wear outerwear collection features women’s and men’s superhero coats, which are themed after fan-favorite Marvel and DC characters. The collection is perfect for flaunting your fandom in both subtle and loud-and-proud ways; some of the merch showcases characters front and center, while other merch — such as the DC Comics Vintage Print Blazer — features hidden prints for a more professional look. 

fun wear wonder woman coat
Wonder Woman Women’s Duffel Coat

As you’re waiting for the release of Wonder Woman 1984 this summer, you can try channeling your inner Gal Gadot by wearing the Wonder Woman Women’s Duffel Coat.

My first glance at the Wonder Woman coat didn’t reveal that it was Wonder Woman-themed. The outer portion of the 50% wool, 50% polyester coat is a rich, dark-navy color. The coat is on the heavier side, making it great for cold, winter weather. I am obsessed with the fact that it has a built-in hood (I find that it’s rare for wool coats to have hoods), and I’m in love with the coat’s eye-catching toggle closure details. The toggles are made of brown faux-leather, and the buttons themselves are made of sealed wood. 

fun wear wonder woman jacket

You might be thinking, ‘Wait, how is this a Wonder Woman coat?’ With the super fun, hidden-gem interior lining, of course! The inner lining of the coat features a pattern with the Wonder Woman logo that’s fit for any winter warrior. Friends will get a peek of the lining when you put on or remove the coat, making it an instant conversation starter — and probably causing some jealous friends. 

The Wonder Woman coat is a great option for fans who like to flaunt their fandom in a subtle way. The coat can be dry cleaned when necessary. It comes in a range of women’s sizes and is available for $14.99-39.99.

fun wear harley quinn jacket
Harley Quinn DC Women’s Moto Jacket

If you’re feeling inspired to cause some chaos after watching Birds of Prey the Harley Quinn DC Women’s Moto Jacket is the perfect attire for a night out. This motorcycle-style jacket is themed after Gotham’s favorite crazy, fun villain/anti-hero. Fans might be able to tell this is a Harley Quinn-themed jacket a little easier than they could for the Wonder Woman one, thanks to the iconic diamond-shaped zipper details. 

However, the most stunning detail of the moto jacket is the interior lining, which features a black-, red-, and white-diamond pattern and a large picture of Harley Quinn herself. This faux-leather jacket is a great lighter option for milder spring and fall weather. The jacket can be machine washed cold and line dried. 

fun wear harley quinn jacket

The Harley Quinn jacket also comes in a range of women’s sizes and is available for $29.99-49.99.

Both coats fit true to size; although, if you’re planning on layering, I suggest sizing up. Check the measurements online to be safe. Find these coats and more superhero-inspired outerwear and apparel at

It might not be socially acceptable to wear a superhero costume to work every day, … but these coats are the next best thing. 


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