If you spent a good portion of the early to mid-2000s with your virtual pets, or if you’ve spent a number of years (you don’t have to say how many) wondering how your favorite Neopet is doing, it’s time to log back on. 

Neopets features several different characters and minigames | Source: Neopets.com

Flash emulator Ruffle and Neopets recently teamed up to bring back more than 100 minigames from Neopets history, reaching far beyond the original goal of reinstating 50. Classics such as Snowmuncher and Turmac Roll have been available for play since late July of this year, but nostalgic players can now relive their early-aughts glory days with a larger variety.

The leadership team at Neopets, fueled by the dedicated Neopet fan community, is focused on reviving the website and centering the aspects of the game that players loved most. And Ruffle is bringing fans an authentic early Neopets experience. It works by finding Flash content, like on the Neopets site, and “polyfilling” it into a Ruffle player. This means websites can upgrade while keeping their Flash-based content active. 

Some of the revived minigames featured on the Neopets website include Itchy Invasion, Sophie’s Stew, and Ruins Rampage. When you visit Neopia to see Shoyru or Kacheek, don’t forget to travel down memory lane with minigames like Knowledge Wheel and NeoQuest II. 

The Neopets brand has been especially active lately, announcing singer John Legend as a brand ambassador and launching a variety of new, official Neopets merch. This includes trading cards from Upper Deck, a cookbook, a Cakeworthy collection, jewelry from What’s Your Passion, and more.

For more information, or to embrace your inner tween by wasting an afternoon playing Jolly Jugglers, visit neopets.com.

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