Get an energizing dose of nostalgia with your favorite virtual pets!

Neopets is a website that invites users to adopt, customize, and care for virtual pets. The site first launched in 1999 and is still going strong with new plans for the brand, including exciting collabs! G Fuel, the company known for its many energy drink offerings, teamed up with Neopets for a full collection of drinks, all with packaging that features beloved pets from the site.

Three new drinks are included in the collab. The Loveberry Slushie features raspberry lemonade flavoring, the Electric Blue Slushie has a snow cone flavor, and the Cheops Slushie is cherry pomegranate. Each includes an adorable Neopet on the packaging.

G Fuel energy drinks have 140mg of caffeine per serving, making sure you get that kick of focus you need to win every game in the Game Room or become a champion of the Battledome. If you can’t decide which slushie flavor will be your favorite, the Neopets Bundle includes all three!

That’s not all Neopets fans can get out of this collection! Every good drink needs a cup, and G Fuel is offering a limited-edition Neopets Slushie Cup so you can get straight to drink-making. Customize it with the different Doodle Bands, featuring favorite pets Kougra, Shoyru, and Aisha.

The Neopets x G Fuel collection debuted this past Comic-Con International: San Diego to the delight of Neopia residents everywhere. Get the slushie of your choice and have all the energy you need to play Neopets all day!


These energy drinks are perfect for any Neopian! Featuring favorites from virtual pet site Neopets, this collection includes three varieties of drink: Loveberry Slushie, Electric Blue Slushie, and Cheops Slushie. Get all three in a bundle and grab the decorative Doodle Bands and Neopets Slushie Cup while you're at it!

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