Everything is on fire. Life is chaos. What is going on? I wish my father, Barack Obama, was still president.

If you think at least one of these things daily (Trust me, I think the last one at least twice a day), then you can make a difference. Yes, you!

Here’s a secret: If you don’t like how your elected representatives are behaving, then putting in an ounce of effort will help make some changes. If Taylor Swift can come out of her snake hole to make a stand on her political beliefs, then so can you.

Use your power to vote to show your elected officials that you are the one who they work for during the midterm elections on Nov. 6. Whether you support your local and state representatives, or think they run trash agendas, go show them what you think. Put them in office. Get them out of office. Either way, go vote.

It’s this simple: Do a f—cking Google search to see when your deadline to register to vote is, if you haven’t yet. Click here for voter registration deadlines in your state. In New York, you still have time to register tomorrow online.

Don’t live in your hometown anymore? No problem! Go register for an absentee ballot. Instead of refreshing Instagram for the millionth time, do another Google search of your deadline. Or click these links because I care about you and want you to go vote. What are you waiting for?

Also, because the Hulk said so.

So, you read this and registered? Amazing! Now let’s reward you with some fun news. Let’s get to it.

A BBC America study says kids want more female characters in film and TV.

In other news, water is wet. Next!

We’re getting LOTS of more Incredibles 2 content!

It goes without saying that Incredibles 2 was nothing short of, well, incredible. The digital version will be available on Nov. 6—including Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray, DVD, and on demand—with a lot of never before seen bonus content. It will feature exclusive featurettes, an Edna Mode mini movie, and an inside look into Pixar Animation Studios. It will also include the theatrical short Bao, which completely made me lose my sh*t in theaters. It wouldn’t have been the first time a dumpling made me cry.

Don’t get your hopes up on The Office revival.

Although we would love this to happen, Steve Carell, who played Word’s Best Boss Michael Scott, says the humor from 10 years ago probably wouldn’t translate into today’s society. He said,”I mean, the whole idea of that character, Michael Scott, so much of it was predicated on inappropriate behavior. I mean, he’s certainly not a model boss. A lot of what is depicted on that show is completely wrong-minded. That’s the point, you know? But I just don’t know how that would fly now. There’s a very high awareness of offensive things today—which is good, for sure. But at the same time, when you take a character like that too literally, it doesn’t really work.” Tbh, he is right. I’m currently re-binging this show on Netflix, and I was straight up horrified at some of the things that happened during the early seasons. It wouldn’t fly today. I’ll just continue suspending my coworkers’ belongings in Jell-O.

This is how Game of Thrones keeps its secrets.

Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark in GoT, revealed some ways, that HBO keeps its sh*t on lock to keep the show’s plot details under wraps. There’s extra scenes being filmed, a fake name for the show, and scripts written in code. OH, and some sort of devices that knocks drones down in the sky. Daaaaang, sounds legit (except when those episodes were leaked a while back lol).

Bachelor contestant leaves show.

Oh, Colton Underwood’s season is already boring? Tell me more. TL;DR one of the Bachelor contestants left the show and then snapped about it. Annie Reardon posted a Snapchat selfie with the shady caption: “when you dump the bachelor because he’s weird as sh*t and are headed back to normal happy life without psycho people.” Dating someone on national TV weird? You don’t say! I hope Sugar Bear Hair still sponsors you on Instagram, even though you left so early. Read more here!

Hallmark breaks its own Christmas movies record.

Thank you, Hallmark, for having me covered during the holiday season when I am sitting in fetal position in bed with a tub of ice cream. In addition to adding TWO (!) new Christmas movies to its slate of content this year, it’s now adding another new original movie, bringing up the grand total to—drumroll please—37 Christmas movies. It’s called Last Vermont Christmas, and judging by the title alone, it’s the perfect mix of mystery and intrigue to pull me in. I can’t wait to clog my DVR with all of these terrible, amazing movies.

The Greatest covers.

Tbh, I’m still reeling from both Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron’s performances in The Greatest Showman, and now we’re getting a tribute album with songs from the soundtrack. The Greatest Showman—Reimagined will be available on Nov. 16 and feature songs from Pink, Sara Bareilles, Kelly Clarkson, and Panic! at the Disco. YO, I am so ready for this, and you already know what I’ll be listening to on repeat that day.

Until next time, my beautiful trash babies!

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