Thomas Kinkade Studios has an epic collection of Disney artwork you can find on prints, paintings, puzzles, and more, but it’s taking its creative magic in a new direction with a Harry Potter collection!

The most iconic piece in this collection is the Hogwarts Express painting, which features Harry, Ron, and Hermione getting off the Hogwarts Express, excited for another year at school. The painting is available on canvas and on paper, with multiple options for frames and sizes. 

However, the collection doesn’t just feature classic Thomas Kinkade artwork. It also includes original bookends, statues, goblets, and Facets, acrylic sculptures that are designed to look like crystal. Some highlights to the collection include Hogwarts house goblets, which feature each house’s crest; the Sirius Black with Wormtail Scuplture, which shows Sirius in his Azkaban uniform holding Peter Pettigrew in Scabbers form at wand point; and the Diagon Alley Light Up Bookends, which feature the eccentric buildings where Hogwarts students shop for their school supplies every year as they glow from within. 

All of the pieces in this collection are perfect gifts for the super Harry Potter fan in your life. Not to mention, they’re all super cute.


Add some artful Harry Potter merch to your collection. This lineup includes a painting of Harry, Ron, and Hermione getting off the Hogwarts Express; goblets; statues; bookends; and more.

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $22-5,120

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