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This ain’t no Disney family game night we’re prepping you for. Put that Connect Four away; that’s basic AF. These are the games you play late at night in a college dorm room, during a night in with your friends (if you even have friends), with your work pals at a bar, on a double date with another married couple— basically whenever you do social things accompanied by adult beverages and don’t feel like fighting about politics. Some of these games are very dirty and will make you feel uncomfortable. Some of these games will make your realize how much knowledge you lack. And some of these games you won’t even remember the next day. Get pouring and bottoms up: Cheers! It’s game time. 

Author’s note: This article is NSFW and neither am I.


1. What Do You Meme? (What Do You Meme)

Based on personal experience brought to you by margaritas on a Friday night, What Do You Meme? is a great game to play while buzzed (sry boss, this is what I do on my weekends). Similar to Cards Against Humanity, in What Do You Meme?, one player will draw a photo card featuring a meme you have probably seen on the internet before. They’ll place it in the middle of the table or the included card stand. Then players will look at their hand of seven Caption Cards, and try to find the best match, which usually happens to be the most funny or ridiculous. A rotating judge will pick the best. One thing to note: THIS GAME IS SAVAGE. There will be talk of genitals, depression, DJ Khaled, sex, and more!— so yeah, get that drink in hand, amigo. Get the game here.

2. Catch Phrase Uncensored (Hasbro Gaming)

This is a game I play with my extended family during those special moments where we all like each other. And if my family is all together in one room, there’s at least three bottles of wine open. This is how it works: There are two teams; everyone will sit in a circle in alternating team order.When it’s your turn, grab the device and a word or phrase will appear on the screen. Without saying the word, describe it to your teammates for them to guess. What makes the game super nerve-wracking is the 60-second buzzer; your team’s goal is to not have the buzzer go off while guessing. Teams score points when the buzzer goes off on the opposing team. While one player is describing the phrase or word for the rest of the team to guess, the opposing team should not speak. Sometimes they do however, because they forget whose on their team and just naturally shout out an answer—you know who you are. Get the game here.

3. Draw What? (Draw What)

Hope you know how to draw a penis because this game is dirty. There’s a board included in the game too, so it’s like you’re advancing spaces like in Candy Land except, you know, more adult. There will be two teams: One player will draw a card with a phrase such as “tripping balls “ or “rim job” and it will be their job to draw it for other players to guess. If your teammates can guess what you’re drawing, you can all move ahead along the colored squares, but be sure not to land on the wrong space or you’ll have to go back—haha! Get the game here

4. True American (New Girl)

True American, as seen on New Girl, was invented as a joke, yet fans of the show have created their own variations to it. In this game, use your drunken imagination, a lot of beer, some couch cushions, and a bottle of whiskey. The Rules: The floor is lava; you drink from a King of the castle (a bottle of whiskey) surrounded by sets of pawns (beers); you start the game by shotgunning a beer; you pick teams by throwing numbers on your head; you will navigate your way around the castle by hopping from cushion to cushion. Tbh, every group of people play it differently, but the important part to remember is to keep on drinking as once all the beers have been drunk, the first person to drink the whisky wins. Drink the whisky. Here is one way to play.

5. Games of Phones (Breaking Games)

Usually when I’m drinking, I have to stow my phone away to avoid texting stupid boys, but this game is so fun, it’s worth risking sending a heart to my boyfriend who has a girlfriend that isn’t me. Game of Phones turns your smartphone into the subject of a scavenger hunt between you and your friends. Just gather your friends and their smartphones (you can’t sit with us if you have a flip phone), draw a prompt card, and see who can use their phones the fastest to create an emoji masterpiece, show off the last pic (no nudes, pls) you took, or find the weirdest Google Image result for your name. It’s a game of speed, knowing how to use a phone, and being an existing millennial. Earn points when you complete the challenge successfully. Get the game here.

6. Dirty Words (University Games)

This is a sentence-building game, but a little more skanky than those worksheets you did in grade school. In Dirty Words, there are 23 dice that players will roll and then must combine to make sentences before the timer run runs out (every two minutes). The words aren’t dirty themselves; how you combine them is what makes the game dirty. Score five points for every die you use, loose three points for every die you don’t. A score pad is included because math is hard. Is junk a dirty word? Is bone a dirty word? Not at all, but depending on the way you use them could really make the game interesting. ?Get the game here.

7. Who’s Most Likely To… (Drunk Stoned or Stupid)

Who’s Most Likely To… is a game to labels your friends as freaks. Each round a card is drawn and the group decides who in the group would be most likely to…”Wake up with half a burrito in bed” (me) or “Have a 20 minute conversation with Siri” (also, probably me). First a player declares themselves the judge and reads a card aloud. Each person then says who in the group should be tagged with this card and why— the card will go to the person with the most votes. The first person with 7 cards loses. You can’t win, you can only lose in this game. Get the game here.

8. Read Between The Wines (UNCORKED! Games)

This is a wine tasting game, where part of the game is describing the wine in glass. Not to brag, but I’m very good at drinking wine and making ridiculous statements. This is how the game goes: There are 54 themes. One person will draw a card and read the theme aloud, then the other players will craft a response to the card. A theme could be “Compare this wine to a celebrity,” which I would answer with “This wine is rich AF like Kim Kardashian.” Everything is about wine. Wine wine wine. The answers will be said aloud and the winner of the round is chosen—hope you’re wine witty ?‍♀️?. There are pencils and answer sheets to write your answer down and keep score. There is no set amount of rounds—but I suggest stopping way before someone has to throw up. Get the game here

9. Drunk Confidence (Drunk Confidence)

In this game, you will have a mission or a question that you must fulfill. If you can’t complete the card, take another shot, my friend. There are 250 cards that include a mix of challenges to put you and your friends’ brains and talent to the test. Players will take turns at trying the challenges that range from easy peasy pop culture references, to interesting history trivia, to just random foolish acts. There are no right or wrong answers, as it is the other players who will decide if another player passed the challenge (someone impress me!). You can’t help what card is you draw—you just have to have a little drunk confidence and see if you can pass the challenge. Get the game here.

10. 5 Second Rule Uncensored (PlayMonster)

Sadly, this does not have to do with eating food off the floor—which I may or may not do when turnt. This is a game about about not getting tongue-tied. You’ll draw a card and then you’ll have five seconds to spit out three answers to the question. It seems easy, but when you’re drunk and everything is funny and your friends are staring at you, you’re probably going to mess up. The card will say something along the lines of “Name 3 ways to Hide a Fart,” or “Name 3 Endogenous Zones.” Think quick! Get the game here.

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