The Tubbies Awards asks fans to vote for the best duck in a number of categories. | Source: Numskull

Who doesn’t love a rubber ducky? And who doesn’t love a rubber ducky even more when it’s dressed up like the T. rex from Jurassic Park?

Tubbz, the Numskull brand that offers pop culture-inspired rubber ducks, has dozens of cosplaying ducks available. They come dressed up as characters from Universal, Hasbro, Netflix, and more. But now fans of the brand will have to choose the best of them with the Tubbies Awards!

To celebrate making it into Universal’s UNIVRS store in Hollywood, Numskull is hosting the first annual Tubbies Awards. Rubber ducky and pop culture lovers alike can vote for their very favorite Tubbz ducks, with categories including Tubbz of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Award, Best Franchise, Most Creative Tubbz, and Best Lookalike. Casting a vote puts you in the running to win a Golden Tubbz that’ll really class up any bathtime. 

The Awards announcement goes over the categories and shows off the golden duck! | Source: Numskull

Fans can also vote for community content, choosing between a number of different unboxing videos by influencers featuring Tubbz ducks. You can even make your own content to put in the running, with the option to submit a poster, a video, or a photograph for a chance to win.

Tubbz may only be in its third year, but the brand added a total of 34 new characters, including a new music genre that had Ozzy Osbourne and other icons joining in duck form. Other new styles this year included ducks from Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Lord of the Rings, Transformers, and more — The Tubbz brand continues to make sure there’s a duck for every pop culture fan.

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If you’re a programmer in need of a rubberducking buddy, a lover of all things bathtime, or just a collector of pop culture cuteness, keep up with the new Tubbz releases and vote for your favorite in the Tubbies awards! The closing date for votes is Dec. 31, so make sure to head over to the official Tubbies Awards website to get your vote cast.

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