Brave the undead masses and get your hands on a limited-edition box set!

The Walking Dead got its start as a comic series from Robert Kirkman, first published in 2003 by Image Comics. The comics were a huge hit with fans of the zombie apocalypse genre and inspired a popular TV series, video games, tabletop roleplaying games, and more. The moral dilemmas and character stories at the heart of the Walker-infested world captured audiences everywhere. Now, fans can go back to where it all began, thanks to new box sets celebrating the original comics’ 20th anniversary.

The box sets each include a number of volumes. | Source: Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment

The Walking Dead 20th Anniversary Box Sets from Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment will launch throughout October. Each of the four box sets features original, black-and-white trade paperback volumes of the comics as well as art on the front guaranteed to tempt any collector. Box Set No. 1 includes volumes 1-8 and will release on Oct. 3; Box Set No. 2 includes volumes 9-16 and will release on Oct. 10; Box Set No. 3 includes volumes 17-24 and will release on Oct. 17; and Box Set No. 4 includes volumes 25-32 and will release on Oct. 24. Each box set will be available in comic stores the day after its release date.

Get your favorite zombie fiction now to prepare yourself for any Walkers coming your way! The Walking Dead 20th Anniversary Box Sets are available for preorder now online so you can make sure you’re the first to have these collections of iconic comics.


Your favorite survivors are back in this collection of The Walking Dead comics! Each limited-edition set in this collection includes eight volumes of the apocalypse comics that inspired a TV series, video games, and much more. The box sets are available for preorder now and will release in October.

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