The game is in development with Other Ocean Interactive. | Source: Skybound Entertainment

Skybound Entertainment has revealed a new third-person action game for both the living and the dead.

Designed as a game of cooperation and deception for up to eight players, The Walking Dead: Betrayal is currently in development for PC with Other Ocean Interactive, the team behind the hidden-role survival game Project Winter.

Out of resources with a horde of walkers on their heels, players must work together to complete objectives and escape in this new game. They’ll need to work fast, as walkers aren’t the only threat they have to face in rural Canada. While these survivors struggle to escape, incognito “traitors” lurk among them, plotting to do everything in their power to delay repairs and prevent anyone from leaving. As evidence of their sabotage becomes apparent, paranoia and accusations threaten to tear the survivors apart as they desperately work towards escaping.

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To sign up for game updates and score a chance to participate in upcoming closed beta tests starting Aug. 10, join the game’s Discord channel. The Walking Dead: Betrayal will be available for $19.99. Check out the trailer below for a sneak peek!

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