If there’s more than meets the eye to your style, Bobby Abley has good news for you! The U.K.-based fashion designer is releasing a new Transformers-inspired capsule collection.

The menswear line comprises garments spanning trousers, tops, jackets, and more, each incorporating a touch of Transformers into the design. 

Abley, whose work is often pop-culture influenced, took inspiration from a wide variety of sources to create the patterns and motifs in the capsule: The designer created bespoke fabrics, including a remixed toile de Jouy (think idyllic pastoral and peasant scenes) to subtly incorporate hidden Autobots and Transformers-centric details. There are also graphic prints in a punchy, pop art style, a nod to Transformers’ visual roots in comic books and cartoons.


Some specific items of interest include a pair of ombré Optimus Prime slacks and a three-piece black-and-white ensemble, including a matching headscarf so that fans can evoke Transformers-core from head to toe. Another standout is a heavier pop art style jacket, which can prepare fans for those impending winter months.

Unlike robots, there’s no disguising drip— Fans can shop the high fashion Transformers collection on Bobby Abley’s website starting later this week.

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Madison Patterson

Madison Patterson

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