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To urge Americans to get out and vote today in the midterm elections (which if you haven’t, go as soon as you finish reading this), Brie Larson AKA Captain Marvel tweeted a new look at her superhero alterego.

Larson tweeted, “Captain Marvote is a bad pun but now that I have your attention, please vote tomorrow.”

In the photograph, Captain Marvel is wearing her traditional Kree regalia as she stands in a phone booth with “Rock the Vote” posters surrounding the booth. The pay phone and the nostalgic posters both pay homage to the 90s setting that the Marvel film takes place in.

Based on some of the details in the posters behind Larson’s Captain Marvel, eagle-eyed fans might have figured out the exact year the March 2019 film is set. As MCU Cosmic points out, one poster promotes a concert on Thursday, August 29, which only occurred in 1991 and 1996. The “Rock the Vote” posters were from an MTV campaign to encourage voters to participate in the 1992 election. Based on these two posters, it seems likely that Captain Marvel could take place in 1991.

However, it is entirely possible that the film talks place in 1992 and the posters have been on the wall for an extended period of time. But, if it is set in 1991, it is particularly interesting with the larger MCU timeline (the year Bucky Barnes killed Howard and Maria Stark in Captain America: Civil War).

While we have to wait to find out the details and its implications on the film, there’s one thing you can do today: follow Carol Danvers’ advice and head to the polls to rock the vote!

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