BST AXN Figure Assortment | Source: The Loyal Subjects/the Pop Insider

Buffy the Vampire Slayer taking on Kakashi Hatake from Naruto Shippuden? KISS rocking out with Gandalf the Grey from The Lord of the Rings? Sure, why not! Collectors can combine a variety of characters from anime, sci-fi, action-adventure, music, and other pop culture worlds with the BST AXN (pronounced as “Best Action”) figures line from The Loyal Subjects.

The BST AXN figures live up to that name with their articulation, accessories, and character assortment. The line offers collectors a wide array of figures from different (and predominantly retro) fandoms, including characters like Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender, Angus Young from AC/DC, Cowboy Bebop, Napoleon Dynamite, and more.

These figures are 5-inch (1:15) scale, and they are all very poseable, too, with 22-31 points of articulation on each figure. The figures are also very steady, which is a big plus for toy photography — no wobbly leg syndrome = detailed scene recreation! Some of the figures’ joints, such as the knees and elbows, have a “clicking” feel to secure a strong pose that will last to display. (Yes, that means you can twist and contort the Napoleon Dynamite figure into every single dance pose from the final moments of the film!)

BST AXN Figures of Vicious and Edward Elric | Source: The Loyal Subjects/the Pop Insider

Even though there are many different styles of characters in this line, they each stand out from one another with detailed sculpts that are good quality, especially for the $15.99 price point. The anime characters feature stylized hair and angled faces, while the more realistic figures — especially the musicians — are packed with details. For example, Slash shows off the curls in his mane, along with his signature sunglasses, nose ring, and iconic top hat.

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Each figure comes with its own accessories as well, such as swappable hands, weapons, or musical instruments, depending on the character. Gene Simmons comes with two hands, two different guitars, and a microphone stand, while Gandalf includes two hands, a staff, and a sword. In some cases, fans need to change out the hands before the character can hold certain items.

The accessories are tiny, and it can require some effort to place them in the characters’ hands. However, once they are in, they will stay secure. Switching out the different hands is much easier — you can feel them lock into place and they make a satisfying pop when you pull them out — but some paint does seem to flake off with each pull and pop of a hand.

Gandalf BST AXN figure and other BST AXN boxes. | Source: the Pop Insider

The window-box packaging is also notable and display-worthy, with the character and accessories clearly visible from the front. The side of the box features character-specific artwork, which creates a cool effect when you have a few stacked together. There’s also a BST AXN sticker tucked inside the box.

For the affordable price of $15.99, these durable, expressive figures are a great addition to any collection. Look for future waves featuring new characters to add to your collections later this year!

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