Think Cards Against Humanity, meets whiteboards, meets a highly inappropriate Deadpool (what else is new?).

Deadpool Vs the World, a raunchy card game, by USAopoly, that is most definitely for players ages 17 and up, has two decks of cards—caption cards and WTF? cards. The WTF? cards consist of epic art designs featuring Deadpool in compromising situations and the 300 caption cards serve as mini whiteboards and have an incomplete fill-in-the-blank sentence like “the safe word is ___,” “my therapist said I have ___ issues,” and my personal favorite nod to the movie’s David Beckham line, “it’s like if ___ and ___ had a love child.”

Obviously, the player who most recently watched Deadpool goes first and picks a WTF? card. Then, the other players choose a caption card to fill in a word that works for the picture. Like Cards Against Humanity, knowing your friends is the name of the game. You have to write something that you know will make them laugh the hardest, even if it’s not what you might have chosen. This game gets real weird real quick. Ironically, there is a NSFW version and I’m almost scared to see what’s more NSFW than Deadpool in bunny lingerie or a de-pantsed Deadpool being dragged around by a dog (I need the NSFW version, TBH).

The wide array of caption cards will keep the game fresh, new, and exciting for years, but with only 100 WTF? cards, it could get repetitive after a few raunchy game nights. The art on the cards is unique, weird, and inventive—as one might expect to see in a game centered around our favorite mouthy merc. Hopefully, the game will take off and booster decks will be added. Hint: Preorder this game now. Please. I’ve made it my personal mission to find out who the artist is and send them some handcuffs and a thank you note because it seems like the kind of thing they’d enjoy. Honestly, high-key bummed that the artist isn’t credited, as this artistic genius painstakingly created 100 delightful customized drawings for the deck (if you’re out there, random artist, slide into my DMs).

While this game is, of course, most fun for fans of Deadpool, being familiar with the movie, comics, or character isn’t a requirement to catch onto the game. Being weird is a requirement, though. The game comes with six wipe-off markers, but they don’t have erasers on them, so keep a wet paper towel handy for cleanup lest you look like you just got booked in Icebox Prison with a hefty amount of fingerprint ink. If you’re looking for a new tipsy game night game, this is definitely a top contender.

I’m hilarious…


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