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We’re ready to enter the Mirrorverse!

For any Disney fans who aren’t in the know, there’s a mobile game coming out sometime in the hopefully not-so-distant future called Disney: Mirrorverse. In this game, enhanced and evolved versions of popular Disney and Pixar characters inhabit a magical world that they must protect. The game is part RPG and part combat/fighting gameplay, and it’s all infused with Disney magic.

Despite the game not being out yet, McFarlane Toys has a new range of collectibles featuring some of these enhanced characters as seen in Mirrorverse. There are six figures available right now: Goofy, Sulley, Belle, Mickey Mouse, Jack Sparrow, and Buzz Lightyear. All of these characters have elements you may not recognize: Mickey has an epic gold-and-yellow cape with a matching hat, Sulley has some serious armor, and Belle is ready for adventure in an awesome new, fur-trimmed jacket and boots ensemble.

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The six collectibles are also divided into two collections. Buzz Lightyear and Jack Sparrow are 7-inch figures ($19.99 each), while the other four are 5-inch figures ($12.99 each). The paintwork and detailing is impressive across all six figures, especially considering the price points, but the 7-inch figures are far more articulated than the 5-inch characters. Jack Sparrow and Buzz Lightyear both feature the hyper-articulation that McFarlane Toys is known for — seriously, you can even adjust the points of Jack’s boots — which makes them far more appealing for adult collectors. It is almost surprising at first how unarticulated the 5-inch figures are — be sure not to twist or turn any body parts before checking to see if they actually feature a joint!

That does, however, seem to be the intention with this collection. The 5-inch figures are age-graded as 4+ (compared to 12+ for the 7-inch figures), so their significantly less-articulated sculpts and more toyetic packaging make sense. That being said, a single design aesthetic carries across all six figures, which means a completist can easily display the full collection together with a cohesive visual result. It is also worth noting that the 7-inch figures come with a stand while the 5-inch figures do not, but they all seem to be able to stand fairly well on their own.

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While the packaging for these figures does its job, these are figures that shine more out of the box than in. Collectors need to do some mild assembly for some of the figures, such as attaching Sulley’s tail and inserting Buzz Lightyear’s wings into his pack, and the figures become even more visually appealing. There are also a LOT of cool details to discover on these figures that you can only see by taking them out of the box, like the rose printed on the back of Belle’s cape.

Additionally, each of the figures comes with a trading card that details the character’s statistics and bio. This helps a bit with not being able to play the game just yet, providing a sense of how these revamped characters will interact in the Mirrorverse. Jack Sparrow, for example, uses “Stellar Magic,” which allows him to use the power of his many curses to restore his friends. Belle, meanwhile, has discovered hidden magic in her books and can cast a multitude of enchantments. If you couldn’t tell from his look, this version of Sulley is a leader who is able to defend himself and his friends using advanced tech.

Overall, these figures are equipped with great design and fun features. The full collection is great for Disney lovers, but collectors will especially enjoy the higher-end, 7-inch figures. These characters are beloved enough to make these collectibles appealing already, but I think they will be even more desirable once Mirrorverse is available to play and we’ve all gotten to see exactly what a souped-up Buzz Lightyear is capable of on the battlefield!

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