Some of the Wizarding World Displates feature versions of the Hogwarts House crests. | Source: Displate

Yer a wizard, Displate!

Recently, Displate — the company that makes metal posters inspired by a variety of fandoms — has added two popular Warner Bros. properties to its lineup. Now, shoppers can select official designs featuring characters, stills, and other key art from The Wizarding World and the Game of Thrones universe.

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At launch, there are 12 sub-collections available for Wizarding World fans, offering 172 designs in total. These include Hogwarts House crests in a variety of styles, images of the main characters’ patronuses, and movie posters from throughout the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises.

This collection includes iconic Game of Thrones quotes. | Source: Displate

Over in the world of Westeros, there are posters available for both Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon. Game of Thrones fans can select from seven sub-collections, which feature designs ranging from house sigils and key character art to iconic series quotes, such as “Winter is coming” and “I drink and I know things.”

The House of the Dragon designs include some of the show’s most fearsome dragons. | Source: Displate

There are fewer designs available for House of the Dragon for now, but there is still something for everyone who’s obsessed with the popular new spinoff. Displate has two sub-collections inspired by this show, for a total of 23 poster designs. Would-be dragon riders can choose from character posters, the show’s key artwork, and various graphics that display imagery (including the dragons) from the first season.

These new designs are available in a variety of Displate sizes, depending on the collection. All of them hang with the company’s damage-free magnetic mounting system. The Wizarding World and House of the Dragon collections join an extensive lineup of existing Displate collections, which include brands such as Star Wars, Marvel, and Stranger Things.

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