I would like to take this time to apologize for everything bad I have ever said about Ryan, Yaz, and Graham (mostly Graham). The Doctor’s companions found themselves alone this week and truly proved what they were capable of handling. I would also like to take a second to scream into a void because we have to wait until next winter to know what the hell is going to happen.

Spoiler Alert!

The season finale started off with a clever but risky plan from Graham. He proposed that he, Yaz, and two of the only other humans left in the universe put on Cyber-suits in order to blend in and escape from the Cybership. In a surprising turn of events, it actually worked! You go, Graham.

In their escape, they ultimately save Ryan and the two other remaining people from certain Cyber-death. Before this, however, Graham admits to Yaz that he believes she is the strongest person he has ever met. He tells her that she makes the entire human race proud, and she says he isn’t so bad. It was all a very touching, very British moment that had me convinced that one of them would not make it.

Thanks to the Master, the Doctor also went through some character development. Okay, not some: enough to change the entire fandom. Everything is fine.

The Master trapped her in a matrix with his conscience while he went off to make deals with the Lone Cyberman and generally just make a lot of terrible jokes. Within this Matrix, the Doctor learned that she might not even be 13; there is no knowing how many regenerations she has been through.

A beautifully shot storyline of how the Doctor is the reason Time Lords exist fills the screen and explains it in much more detail than I’ll get into. The basics: Everything is a lie, the doctor is the center of this lie, and she has no idea.

She had been discovered by an early explorer from Gallifrey who learned she could regenerate. This explorer experimented on her in order to create the race of Time Lords. Somewhere along the way, probably among multiple ways, her memory was erased (much like Brendan’s from the last episode).

While she is on this journey of self-discovery, the Master takes the dead bodies of Time Lords and turns them into CyberMasters — a race of Cybermen who can regenerate and help him with his goal of destroying the universe.

The Doctor regains herself and breaks the matrix while her companions and the other humans find their way to her. Quickly, they come up with a plan to save the universe — grab the death particle and explode it before the CyberMasters can escape the planet. Easy enough.

Thirteen (can I still call her that?) attaches the miniaturized Cyberman, which contains the particle to a bomb, and prepares to kill the Master, the CyberMasters, and herself. Sacha Dhawan absolutely kills it (excuse the pun) the entire time as the Master, but while he is questioning the Doctor about her ability to pull the trigger, there was a certain madness that was brilliant. Ultimately, she cannot and an unhinged Obi-Wan comes in to save the day — I understand that isn’t his name, but you see it too, right?

So in the end, everything is fine. The companions and three remaining humans are in the 21st century, the Master and his creation are dead, and the Doctor is back in her Tardis.

Everything is fine until a squad of Judoon show up and arrest her for the crimes of her mysterious reincarnation in “Fugitive of the Judoon.” Now, she is in jail and her companions think she’s dead.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll continue screaming into the void now. Check out the best tweets below and then join me.


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