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This is, hands down, the year of great Stranger Things merch. And here at The Pop Insider, we have an exclusive first look at the next must-have for anyone who considers themself an honorary member of the Hellfire Club. Say hello to Lite-Brite Wall Art: Stranger Things!

Lite-Brite and Netflix have partnered for this mega-sized set, which officially launches next month. Stranger Things fans can use the 6,000 included mini-sized pegs — in assorted colors — to recreate one of three show-inspired designs on the 16-by-16-inch grid. The designs include the Demogorgon, Eleven, and the Upside Down (featuring the iconic show logo). The end result is epic, but filling in the Lite-Brite is also a relaxing activity that pairs well with a Stranger Things rewatch.

Fans can also get creative with the Lite-Brite (just like the Stranger Things gang did in Season 4!) and use the pegs to create their own high-definition retro design.

Once you have put all of the pegs in place to create your chosen image, you can hang the Lite-Brite on a wall or display it on a shelf or tabletop. Then turn on the internal LED lights to make your creation shine. These lights can be powered by batteries or the included USB cable.

This new Lite-Brite Wall Art expands upon an existing relationship between Stranger Things and the iconic retro toy. Basic Fun! also launched a traditionally-sized Stranger Things Lite-Brite earlier this year, to coincide with the series’ fourth season.

The Stranger Things Lite-Brite Wall Art will cost $99.99 and will be available exclusively at Walmart, starting in October.

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