In the latest episode of Cosplayers Getting Coffee, three is better than two.

In the YouTube series’ 10th official episode, three cosplayers meet around the coffee table. Traditionally, Cosplayers Getting Coffee pairs two cosplayers together to meet and talk nerdy, discussing their cos-creations, favorite fandoms, and more. But this time, the show breaks its original model to allow a trio of cosplayers to chat over their morning beverages—apparently, not all cosplayers in this episode are drawn to actual coffee.

Photo credit: Ronn Vinluan (@CosplayEnthusiast)

In the latest episode, fans will meet Marlena (@marl_ena), cosplaying as Cammy from Street Fighter, complete with her badass blonde braids and iconic high-legged green bodysuit, finished with a flawless makeup job.

Photo credit: Ronn Vinluan (@CosplayEnthusiast)

Diane (@wolfbandit_arts) shows off her feminine take on Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia, with the character’s duality perfectly on display, including a two-toned wig, two different colored contact lenses, and stunning fire and ice detailing on her arms.

Photo credit: Ronn Vinluan (@CosplayEnthusiast)

Law (@outlaw2k), cosplaying as Voltron, joins the ladies in his intricately detailed foam suit, complete with stilts and hand-painted elements, resulting in a truly authentic representation of the legendary defender.

Check out the full episode below—and stay tuned ‘til the end to watch the cosplayers face off in an epic Play-Doh challenge: Only one will reign supreme!

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Cosplayers Getting Coffee shoots on Saturdays and Sundays in New York City. Do you want to show off your cosplay skills and be on the show? Let us know!