You don’t have a Halloween costume for your four-legged friend yet? That’s ruff.

If Spooky Szn snuck up on you, there’s no reason to be scared. There’s still plenty of time to find a costume for yourself and — more importantly — for your dog. There are few things in life cuter than a puppy wearing a costume, so grab your wallet and get ready for a serotonin boost. Below are some of the best costumes for your pet, inspired by their personality. 

The Pupperoni Who’s Nostalgic for Simpler Times

Although the ‘80s were, like, totally 300 dog years ago, some of our four-legged friends just seem like they’d be happier those times. If you constantly find your pup wanting to watch Saturday morning cartoons and asking “Where’s the Beef,” then these costumes might be a good fit for them.

To start, can Care-Bear-Stare-down your troubles with multiple Care Bear dog costumes ($29.99 each), such as Tenderheart Bear and Grumpy Bear. The same retailer can Brite-n up your pooch’s day with a Rainbow Brite costume ($24.99-49.99). This colorful ‘fit has a fastener on the back and adorable antennae on top. Finally, if you need a little more rock ‘n roll and a little less rainbow, head back to the future with the Marty McFly costume ($24.99-34.99). It comes as a single piece but looks like Marty’s iconic layered look. Great Scott — that’s a lot of options!

The Disney-Bound Doggo

You’ve heard of Disney Adults, but Disney Doggos? These are the pups who spend their days being absolutely adorable and somehow taking all of your money (just like Disney merch does!). They might not be able to get into the theme parks for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, but you can create your own party right at home with shopDisney’s lineup of dog costumes. 

For the classic Disney doggo, the Mickey Mouse Jack-o’-Lantern Glow-in-the-Dark Costume ($39.99) really glows! It’s also headpiece-free for the doggos who don’t want to mess up their natural Mickey ears. For the pups who occasionally act like little monsters, the Sulley costume ($39.99) might be a good fit. Even better, it gives you more reason to dress up like Mike Wazowski! Finally, woofers who give sea witch energy can bring out their inner villain with the shopDisney Ursula costume ($39.99). Helping your dog find the cutest outfit? My dear, sweet child. That’s what I do. It’s what I live for.

The Canine Who Could Be From Another Planet

We’ve all met this dog. If they had opposable thumbs, you’re pretty sure they’d have taken over the world by now. But they don’t so you get to dress them up in whatever the heck you want to.

Have you ever caught your dog trying to eat frogs or master the Force? If yes, Jazwares’ costume division makes a Grogu costume ($34.99) that’s worth traveling the galaxy for. For the doggie who gives more droid vibes, might I suggest an R2-D2 costume from ($24.68)? It even has little Jawas on the side! Last but not least, you’re going to want to phone home about Rubie’s E.T. costume ($24.99). While your pup will technically be Elliot, they’ll still get to feel out of this world by channeling a scene that immediately puts the humans in their feels.

The Pooch Who’s All Bark and No Bite

To be honest, this pup is also probably no bark. They are the goodest of the good and deserve all the belly rubs. And they also deserve to be dressed in the cutest costume.

Stick to their wholesome nature with Scooby-Doo costumes for the whole fam. Don’t think it’s original to dress your dog up like a dog? Then dress them as the Mystery Machine, thanks to an official costume from Rubies ($38.99)! If your pup is more into cookies than Scooby Snacks, the Cookie Monster costume from Pet Krewe ($24.99) is about to om nom nom its way into your heart. Speaking of hearts, there are few films more likely to warm yours than The Princess Bride. There are also few things that will make you happier than seeing your dog wear the Princess Bride R.O.U.S. Pet Costume from ($24.99-44.99). My name is puppy, you killed my sadness, prepare to die … of cuteness overload.

The Pupper Who Actually *Is* All Bite

This is the pup they make “Beware of Dog” signs about. You don’t want to get too close to these pupper-meanos. Okay, okay, your pup is still as sweet as can be, but no one else needs to know that! Embrace something a little more sinister with a costume that draws on the spookiest of movies.

For the doggo who is your friend ‘til the end, the Walking Chucky costume from Rubies ($22.99) is a solid choice. It features an orange wig and pretend knife that would be cute if it wasn’t so scary. In the film Trick ‘r Treat, they speak of the rules of Halloween, but I have one more: Make sure your dog is the cutest on the block. There’s no way a demonic creature will come after you if your dog is dressed in the Sam Pet Costume from Spirit Halloween ($24.99) — right? … right? Last up, if you’re heading to a supernatural dance party you’ll probably want a pup at your side rocking the Beetlejuice costume from Rubie’s ($27.07). No sandworms allowed.

To see some of the costumes in action, check out the video below. Whichever costume you choose, you and your four-legged bestie are sure to be the most fetching pair at the party. Happy paw-loween! 

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