Nintendo is racing full speed ahead into the holiday shopping season.

Launching on Sept. 14, Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit is the newest DIY kit that fuses the fun of cardboard building with the power of the Nintendo Switch.

The Pop Insider got an up-close look at the latest Toy-Con 3 build and play kit before its launch, and we’re here to say: it’s the most fun yet.

Nintendo puts the pedal to the metal cardboard with new Toy-Con, including a car, a submarine, a plane, a pedal, and two keys. By inserting one of the assembled keys into any of the vehicle builds, players can enjoy a variety of exploratory games, customization activities, and head-to-head battles.

First up, we took a look at Adventure Mode. Think: No Man’s Sky Light. Players can explore 10 different areas, each with eight missions to complete, from learning how to fuel up your ride to assisting nearby creatures with different tasks. Players can enjoy going from land to air with a quick key swap from the car Toy-Con to the plane Toy-Con, or deep dive underwater using the submarine. Discover plants, animals, robots, and more in these simple yet engaging lands.

Nintendo Labo: Vehicles also provides two-player gaming, making use of the second Toy-Con key. One player can take the wheel of a car, while the other can control a projectile shooter to take down trees and crack through boulders.

In Paint Studio, players can customize their on-screen vehicles using the spray can Toy-Con. Adjust the color, shake it up, and spray paint anything you can imagine, from neon pink to camo green. You can even use stencils for added details.

And, possibly the best game of all, Battle Mode: Players go head to head in a knock-out style challenge. Drive around the arena and try to punch out your opponent using the car’s extendable arms. Mario Kart pros will be instantly great at this.

And just like it’s predecessors, the Vehicle Kit also features a Discover mode that players can use to create unique Toy-Con of their own, and understand the ins and outs (read: the science behind) their creations.

The latest Labo kit is super impressive with lots of gameplay options for players to enjoy. Our full review is coming on Sept. 13, but for now, read our full review of Nintendo Labo: Variety Kit! 

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