Godzilla vs. Kong Mega Heat Ray Godzilla & Mega Punching Kong with Lights and Sounds | Source: Playmates Toys/the Pop Insider

They say that there can’t be two alpha titans, but Playmates Toys’ new action figure line begs to differ.

Godzilla vs. Kong pits two of the biggest (lol literally) “monsters” in film history against one another. While most of the movie pits Godzilla’s heat-ray attack and crushing presence against the protector of Skull Island, in the end, the two have to work together to overcome and even bigger enemy. Aww! (As a side note here, Insight Editions has a great kids’ board book called Godzilla vs. Kong: Sometimes Friends Fight, and it’s my favorite title of anything ever and I wish the movie was also called that. Please call me if you need me to write the sequel about Godzilla and Kong being frenemies and fighting in much pettier ways!)

And while we all love a happy ending where we go our separate ways in mutual respect, the best part of Godzilla vs. Kong is the “vs.”— the big battles between two iconic giants. With the Godzilla vs. Kong action figure line from Playmates Toys, fans can recreate these thrilling movie moments, because these action figures feature more than just good looks.

The line includes Mega figures — Mega Heat Ray Godzilla with Lights and Sounds and Mega Punching Kong with Lights and Sounds (pictured above). Each of these larger action figures stands 13 inches tall and features battle moves and lights and sounds features. The Mega Heat Ray Godzilla powers up with lights and sounds and shoots the two included projectiles as he roars. The Mega Punching Kong … well … mega punches. Fans can twist the mighty Kong and he will roar as his eyes light up. Kong’s wrists and elbows are articulated so that you can really put him into proper punching form, while Godzilla’s arms and legs move so he can stomp into battle.

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These large-size action figures are perfect to set up and display in your collection. Each comes with a 1.3-inch human micro-figure for them to tower over, so you can really set the scene on your shelf. Each features lights and sounds as well as mechanical battle action, so if you — or your kids — want to recreate those battles, you can.

Godzilla vs. Kong Battle Roar Godzilla & Battle Roar Kong | Source: Playmates Toys

If you’re in for a smaller-scale battle there are also the 7-inch Battle Roar figures. Both Battle Roar Kong and Godzilla feature articulated limbs are buttons that activate the battle roars of the figures’ namesake.

All of the figures in the line are under $30 and feature great detail and sculpts that would make them great for any collector, but at a price point for kids to take them into a more destructive battle. They feature the right amount of playability — as well as small, important details such as Kong’s scratches across his chest or Godzilla’s mighty tail — that make them look good on display.

Whether you’re using them for big or small battles, play or display, remember: These action figures — much like Kong — bow to no one.

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