The wait is finally over: Gamers, you’ve got a new home.

Filling a crucial void in the multi-billion-dollar esports and gaming industry, Gamer World News Entertainment (GWNe) officially debuted as a new free and completely independent 24/7 multi-platform network featuring esports and gamer news, information, entertainment, and original programming exclusively dedicated to professional, competitive, and casual gamers.

GWNe is available on its home website and also on major OTT platforms, such as AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Roku, AndroidTV, Facebook, and YouTube. GWNe will also be available soon on Xbox, Playstation, and other platforms. In addition, the new network is launching with a robust social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Twitch, Snapchat, Flipboard, and more than 200,000 global publishing sites.

GWNe provides eSports and gamer news coverage spanning both the industry and the world. Offering an unprecedented blend of live, packaged, and produced content using Avid’s NSYNC2 motion tracking with gamer engine technology and backed by high-end graphics, GWNe features breaking news from the very latest in professional and competitive esports, global gamer news, reviews, scores, the latest gamer-related tech, health and psychology stories, interviews with top teams, leagues, publishers and renowned gamers, player tips, cultural features, and exclusive trend segments. Plus, GWNe will soon offer a premium insider admission for special access to elite gamer content from pros and competitive gamers around the world.

The current esports gaming industry is closing in on $1.5 billion in global revenues and is experiencing a staggering 22 percent annual growth rate. Additionally, female gamers continue to play an increasingly essential role in the industry, with 40 percent or more of esports enthusiasts today being female in many parts of the world.

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