Spells, broomsticks, Hogwarts houses and a little bit of magic — the Harry Potter Magical Capsules from YuMe Toys have it all!

The first series of these blind collectible figures features 10 Harry Potter characters, each 2 inches tall and stylized like a Harry Potter anime adaptation. 

The included characters range from the more common Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, and Luna up to the rarer Snape or Cho Chang. There is even an ultra-rare mystery character. (It’s only a shadow on the included checklist but, based on his absence, I would guess Dumbledore? Voldemort, maybe? Only time will tell!)

The figures themselves are cute collectibles that serve as a fun set, but they aren’t particularly exciting. Without articulation, they seem like the kind of figure you’d throw on a keychain or line up on a car dashboard. It’s the rest of the package, however, that makes Yume Toys’ line worthwhile.

Every Magical Capsule comes in a golden container shaped like the Hogwarts crest. The container, however, is not a straightforward “crack open, receive figure” affair. Each capsule has three compartments–two on the top, and a large one right in the middle.

Each compartment contains a small toy or game–a sort of stocking stuffer before you get to the main prize. The treasures vary, but in the three capsules opened for this review, each featured two little trinkets: a strip of paper that reveals the name of a spell when you run it under water and a tiny, heat-sensitive Hogwarts insignia that, if you rest your thumb on it, reveals your House by changing color (blue for Ravenclaw, green for Slytherin, etc.). 

The largest compartment in the middle is home to your figure, but Yume Toys extends the fun by including several smaller accessories as well. Wrapped in individual packaging and decorated with maps and symbols from the series, these little parcels house an exciting assortment of accessories. There were owls, cauldrons, wands, and even a Howler — the screaming envelope wizards send when they want the recipient to know they are not happy.

The checklist for the main figures doesn’t include a checklist for these sub-objects, which makes the experience more exciting. Who knows what interesting series tidbits will turn up? 

If you’re ready to hand over some galleons for this magical unboxing experience, you can order the figures from Walmart for $9.99.

Photos: the Pop Insider

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