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Footage from an unannounced third-person action RPG Harry Potter game leaked online, buzzing up some excitement among fans of the Wizarding World.

The game has all the usual suspects—the Hogwarts Great Hall, owls flying around with letters, potion making, spell casting, and plenty of fantastic beasts. It also looks like there are Sims-style customizable characters, so users can presumably model themselves into wizards in their likeness (because who didn’t spend an embarrassing amount of time molding their Sims to look exactly like their doppelgänger?)

The source of the leak is rumored to be from a focus group in the U.S. under development by Avalanche Software. The Reddit user who posted the footage claimed it was from “one of those mall survey groups,” where participants weren’t allowed to have cameras or phones, but were not searched beforehand.

Warner Bros. Entertainment Interactive since blocked the leaked video, which was posted on YouTube, on copyright grounds.

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