Can we stop and talk about the fact that there are birds out there that can literally speak? As in, talking animals. That is wild. Birds have attitude. Birds have sass. Birds have more personality squished into their pudgy little bodies than I have in my big toe.

From head-banging cockatoos to chubby budgies, take a look at the birbiest birbs living their best lives on the ‘gram.

Chubbiest Cheeks: Teddy (@teddythecaique)

Teddy the white-bellied caique is all about that outdoorsy Cali life, whether he’s hiking outside or helping with gardening. I dare you to look at this chubby face and not want to give him a boop.

Biggest Mood Swings: Sizuku (@blue_birds_butler)

This tubby blue parrotlet from Tokyo is like a Sour Patch Kid—first he’s sour, then he’s sweet. Look for videos of him wobbling around, fighting with the remote control, and nipping at fingers, followed by heart-melting clips of him being the most snuggly birb around.

Biggest Squad: Pico, Kenji, Johnny, and Co. (@myownlittlezoo)

This squad rolls deep, with over a dozen adopted birds living happily ever after now that they’ve been rescued. Check them out to see the most colorful flock around, including Pico, Kenji, and Johnny, the three green eclectus boys with day-glow green bods.

Biggest Troublemaker: Harley (@harleythecockatoo)

Harley was one of the first animals I followed on Insta after I saw a video of her stomping around like a mad woman, rioting and kicking down towers of plastic cups. Expect tons of videos of this cockatoo hollering at the top of her lungs and throwing her toys EVERYWHERE. Well-behaved women rarely make history.

Best Photoshoots: Jai, Jo-Jo, and Sky (@the.budgie.trio)

This trio will add a splash of color to your timeline with a bundle of green, yellow, blue, black, and white feathers between the three of them. Their human is a photographer, so expect crystal clear photos and set-ups that involve bowties, happy meals, skateboards, and swings. And yes, it’s as good as it sounds.

Best Hair: Opie and Ziggy (@aga_kake.parrots)

These brothers have the dopest hair of 2018—Opie the lovebird with his slick yellow and green do, and Ziggy the galah/cockatoo with his pink crown and ombre fade. Call them hipsters if you want, but we can’t all be this fly.

Most Talkative: Banana Bird (@thebananabird)

This yellow ray of sunshine is truly a talking banana. Watch for videos of him chatting with his stuffed animals and asking for kisses. What a gentleman.

Best Friends: Chicken and Stan (@chickenandstan)

Henlo, fren. These poofy blueburbs are always hanging out, taking baths together, giving kisses, and cheeping away. Why have one blueberry when you can double the fun?

Nosiest: Caesar (@caesar_the.plumhead)

Some call it “being nosy” but Caesar takes it upon herself to be up in everybody’s business at all times. Unzipped purse? She’ll climb right inside. Open laptop? She’ll sit on top and watch. Freshly folded laundry? She’ll hop on over to investigate. You can’t hide anything from this plumhead.

Most Mysterious: Ior (@ior.the.africangrey)

There’s just something about a dark and mysterious stranger and Ior is an international man of mystery. Is it the moody grey coat that’s so intriguing, or the little pop of red hiding underneath? I may never know for sure, but I anxiously await his appearance on my timeline.

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