Why did the chicken cross the road? She did it for the ‘gram!

I never knew there was so much poultry on Instagram, but the coups are really delivering some premium content lately. Not only are they surprisingly photogenic, but these feathery flocks also know all the chicks of the trade. From baby chicks and angsty teenagers to full-grown hens and roosters, get egg-cited to go on a following spree after seeing these chicken nuggets.

Biggest Jetsetter: Sammi Chicken (@sammichicken)

Sammi the chicken calls Florida home, but this gal knows how to travel in style, including riding in WWII planes and road tripping with her human. And she makes sure to hit up all the most ‘grammable spots along the way.


Most Stylish: Hen Stefani (@hen_stefani)

This therapy chicken is one sassy chick, pink hair and all. Would you expect anything less from a chicken named after Gwen Stefani?


Cutest Baby Chicks: Shameless Chickens (@shameless_chickens)

Who doesn’t like to see pictures of little baby chickies? What about baby chicks sitting on toy thrones and wearing wet wipes as superhero capes? If so, look no further.


Floofiest: Hatfield Hens (@hatfieldhens)

I never knew chickens could be so fluffy, but these four chubbos are here to prove otherwise. Their #fluffybuttfriday photos will have you saying “TGIF!”


Best Chicken Names: Sarahgeebees Chickens (@somethingtobawkabout)

These funky chickens have the best names I’ve ever heard, including WallyPop, Birdo, Chicken Nugget, Chuck-E-Chez, Kip Dynamite, Goodluck Showbiz, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Baby Lavender Ding-a-ling, Skeletron, Space Ghost, and Spooky Halloween Master. There are too many chickens to even list here, but the names are so good.


Coolest Bilingual Chickens: Nugget and Kevin (@nugget_y_kevin)

Nugget and Kevin live in Guadalajara, Mexico, where they spend their time taking selfies and naps. The captions are in Spanish, but you don’t need to speak the language to enjoy some cute chicken.


Best Rescue Story: Bree (@breeandmerooster)

Bree is a rescue rooster who was found abandoned on a NYC street when he was just an itty bitty chick. Look for “day in the life” posts to follow his swag and lots of cute throwbacks to the little peepling!


Most Photogenic: Sarah Chicken Lover and Her 34 Chickens (@sarahchickenlover)

Sarah has quite the flock of chickens on her hands, with 34 and counting. I can appreciate a nice, clean aesthetic that won’t make a mockery out of my Insta feed.


Best Musician: Boo the Roo (@therealbootheroo)

Move over, Beethoven! Boo the Roo has a real talent for playing the keyboard—and he sings too. All he needs are some back up dancers and it’s all over for the rest of us.


Most Educational: Silkie Sisters (@silkie_sisters

Follow the life and times of the Silkie Sisters to learn everything there is to know about raising chickens—from soft shelled eggs to pecking orders.


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