Otters are all the best parts of the animal kingdom combined. They’re fluffy like a doggo and long like a ferret. They swim like a fish and squeal like a pig.

Some call them water puppies. I prefer sea sausages. Meet my significant otters.

Most Talented Juggler: Gonta (@otter_gonta)

This Japanese otter boy is a pro at squealing for attention, sushi etiquette, and playing with toys. Look for tons of videos featuring all of the above, and prepare to be impressed by his juggling skills.

Most Likely to Steal Your Jewelry: Cartel (@carteltheotter)

Follow Cartel to see him swimming in his mini pool, jumping on the bed, and standing on two legs like a human. An otter after my own heart, Cartel loves shiny jewelry, so don’t look at me if your watch goes missing.

Biggest Troublemaker: Babie (@babietheotter)

This curious little guy may look innocent, but he gets himself into all kinds of trouble, chewing on things and trying to hump his dog friends. But he’s so darn cute, he could get away with murder.

Prettiest Face: Brownie (@brownie_otter)

Brownie is like Minnie Mouse in otter form, with big sparkling eyes and fuzzy ears on top of her head. Seriously, this otter is prettier than me. Look for crisp photos of her doing everyday things like cuddling her teddy and eating strawberries, while being the cutest thing you will see all day.

Most Snuggly: Popo (@popo_the_otter)

This Indonesian babe can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, passed out flat on her back with her tummy out and ready for massages. She loves belly scratches and head rubs, making us the same person.

Summer Goals: Jati (@jatiotter)

Jati is a rescued baby living it up in Indonesia, where he spends his days swimming, collecting river stones, and exploring the tropical Gili Islands. If only I could trade places with an otter.

Biggest Baby: Cuyi (@cuyiisanotter)

Cuyi loves attention and is always down for a treat or a belly rub. She also throws tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. Give??this??baby??everything.

Most Multicultural: Pip (@piptheotter)

After being abandoned by her mom at the zoo, Pip the otter was rescued by a zookeeper and now lives in a home with a cat, dog, birds, and even a skunk. If this diverse family can all get along, maybe there’s hope for the rest of us.

Best Swimmer: Oscar (@oscarotter.05)

This sea noodle is always in the water splashing around and doing tricks. Look for videos of him being an Olympic-level swimmer, plus the cutest throwback gems from when he was a fuzzy little pup.

Squeakiest Mouth: Krull (@qoo_ruru)

Krull is a 4-year-old female living in Tokyo. Even if you can’t read the Japanese captions, an otter squeal shines through in any language. Sound ON to hear Krull speak her mind.

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