Pigs – they’re just like us. Pot bellied, booty shaking, always hungry… sound familiar yet? Piggies of all shapes and sizes are slowly but surely taking over my Instagram feed and I have to say, I relate more to them than the insta-models and travel bloggers I follow.

Despite their reputation, pigs are incredibly clean, intelligent, and ready to party. Let’s celebrate with the coolest pigs on the Internet for an oinkin’ good time.

Squeakiest Clean: Prissy and Pop (@prissy_pig

Prissy and Pop are just two average first graders, going to school and learning and stuff. They come from a big porky family that does everything together, including bath time. And you thought your fam was tight knit.


Cutest Baby: Marshall (@marshall_theminipig)

Born last December, Marshall is a mini pig with a big heart. At almost six months old, watch him test things out for the first time, like trying on stylish shirts and snacking on Cheerios in the pool.


Fuzziest Family: Pearl (@pearlspigtales

Pearl is the fuzzy pink princess that I aspire to be. Follow for a feed full of Pearl and her fuzzy bunny and duckling friends snuggled in backdrops of aesthetically pleasing cotton-candy pastels.


Most Adventurous: Puma (@puma_thepiglit)

Puma the Peyote Pig is an outdoorsy little globetrotter who loves to travel with his humans. You can catch him hiking, camping, road tripping, and documenting every step of the way for the gram.


Most Spolied: Hamlet (@hamlet_the_piggy)

This Nashville therapy piggy is living the good life, eating breakfast in bed, playing dress up, and riding around town in her pink car with her doggo friends. Can I be her when I grow up?


Best Beach Bod: Leonard (@leonardspiglife)

Leonard the mini pig resides in Hawaii and isn’t afraid to show off his beach bod year round. Check him out to see him to see all the tropical things, like laying out at the beach, paddle boarding, and snacking on watermelon.


Biggest Smarty Pants: Pickles (@livingwithpickles)

Pickles is a glass half full kind of guy, always ready to pose with a smile and a motivational quote. Look for his pig trivia to pick up all the knowledge you never knew you needed, like how pigs need to wear sunscreen because they can get easily burnt while laying out at the beach.


Most Likely to be a Dog: Chowder (@piggypoo_and_crew)

This ginormous pot belly lives with not one, not two, but FIVE doggos. Check him out for legendary group photos and useful info on how to adopt and rescue animals in need.


Hardest Worker: Liloou (@lilou_sfpig)

Liloou is an airport therapy pig, volunteering at the San Francisco airport to keep travelers happy and stress-free. But don’t worry, she knows all about that work-life balance, with manicures, meditation, and beach getaways.


Best Swimmers: Gizmo and Bentley (@piggy.gizmo.and.bentley)

Gizmo and Bentley are two pink brothers living in big sky country in Montana. Check them out to see them doing what porkers do best—snacking, snoozing, and swimming in their pool.


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Jackie Cucco

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